Juliana Knight

Exploring the world & writing about it along the way

Hi! I’m Juliana Knight.

I’m a native of Schaefferstown, PA where I spent my entire life. It’s a tiny town in south-central Pennsylvania, more affectionately known as Pennsyltucky by many of the locals. I went to ELCO high school and then eventually attended Franklin & Marshall College. While in college, I earned a bachelor’s degree in English literature with a minor in comparative literature and graduated in December 2016, a semester early, which honestly wasn’t part of the plan until that September.

I’ve held many jobs, from a waitress at a local, family-owned restaurant, to working in retail, then as a receptionist at a gym. However, I always knew I wanted to write in some capacity and hoped that I would be able to find a job that allowed me to do so. I began working at BrandYourself, a small, tech startup that recently moved to Lancaster, the summer before my senior year. While still in school, I worked first as a Content Writer and eventually moved to the position of Reputation Specialist post-graduation. I help clients monitor their online reputations through managing their websites and social media accounts. This job has been an incredible learning experience for me and I still get to do plenty of what I love – write!

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time in downtown Lancaster, trying out the various restaurants and pubs. I also frequently visit the used bookstores and cafes you can find in this charming little city. There are also always events happening, like First Friday, which are great to check out. I’m also a member of the Lancaster Young Professionals (LYP) group, which regularly hosts lectures and networking events.

When I’m not in Lancaster city, I enjoy hiking, reading, or working on various types of writing. I also spend plenty of time planning where I’ll be traveling to next and finding time to spend with my friends and family. I’m also passionate about causes that help animals, so I try to always find time to volunteer at my local humane society.